Turning refers to a manufacturing area where revolution parts (screws, nuts, axles, etc.) are machined by removing material using one or more cutting tools.

The parts are machined in small, medium, or large series on conventional (cam) or numerically controlled laths (CNC). They are machined in sequence from coils (cam machines) or bars (CNC machines), with the aim of achieving high productivity and precision.

Generally, machined parts undergo subsequent operations (mechanical, thermal or chemical) before being used in the production of sub-assemblies.

ADAX SA is a confirmed partner since 1927 in micro-turning. Our production ranges from a few hundred to several million pieces in various materials and a wide range of finishing.

We have varied machines and equipment as ESCO (cam machines) or automatic with CNC machines. The type of machine used depends on both the complexity of the parts to be manufactured and the size of the series.

CNC Turning

Technological flagship of our turning department, we have automatic control machines for small, medium, or large series. From single spindles to multi-spindles, our modern production facilities allow the turning of very complex parts in different materials and in dimensions between Ø 0.50 to 20.00 mm.

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