The company

Historically, we have been the preferred supplier for Swiss watchmakers who produce highly complex timepieces. Through working with them we have developed discipline, reliability and precision, and we have pushed mastery of miniaturization to new dimensions. 

From earth to space

Our history started 80 years ago, from machining parts for the watch industry, later we gained a solid foothold in the automotive and railroad industry. Crowing our efforts in that sector, we were granted official supplier status to the merciless world of motor racing, as our products are today supplied to leading Formula One teams. Building on this experience for years, we moved further to the sky by supplying major aircraft and space shuttle manufacturers. We continue expanding into highly exacting and complex fields and our new line of products is geared at the medical technology industry.

You are looking for suppliers who are afraid of nothing, look no further. It has been 80 years we’re doing the impossible to our customers’ satisfaction.